So I forgot to share this! I finally got my Insanity set in the mail.

Going to be starting this the Monday after Thanksgiving. I’m definitely ready for the challenge!


4 thoughts on “INSANITY

  1. I started it recently and LOVE it-my waist is getting trim!
    I say don’t put it off-go for it now while you’re excited for it!

  2. Just passed by and saw your blog. My only thoughts are.. What is your game plan after it? Most of my friends who did it lost 25-50 lbs and now are heavier than before they started the plan. It’s too extreme to manage as a your going to have to have a fitness game plan after it or you will have a serious seesaw and your metabolism (now thrown out of whack) will put more on than you started with… It’s a serious issue with these extreme workouts that take people who are not athletes and put them in this crazy workout pattern for 3 months. Just be prepared and good luck!

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