Feeling Under the Weather


So I’m taking it easy and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, thank you keurig.

Head colds, headaches, and not being able to breathe completely sucks. Getting plenty of rest today so this yuck will go away.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Sunday!


Happy Friday!


Hope everyone has a great and successful Friday! Can’t wait to get a workout in later 🙂

One Step At A Time

Today I was able to do 3.5 miles, I will admit I have been slacking on my workouts but I am ready to get back into the swing of things.  I feel like things are finally looking up for me and everything is falling into place.

With the help of my fitness coach, I will hopefully learn how to become a fitness coach myself and help others who have been in the same situations as I have been in.  I’ve always struggled with weight loss, but it’s finally time to conquer the demon.  I will update more on my fitness coach journey once I get started.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and successful day.  Just remember to NEVER, EVER give up.  The only person who has to take that first step towards a better life is YOU. 

Diet and Exercise

So I was asked to post about the diet and exercises I was doing to lose as much as I have so far. I went through my fitness coach for the meal plan I was on and I mostly did all cardio exercises.

My meals consisted of a lot of protein.  Chicken, eggs, raw cashews, raw almonds, salmon or white fish, asparagus, green beans, and Shakeology. Now I ate probably 5-6 small meals a day so I wouldn’t be hungry and I always pushed my water intake. I wanted to drink about a gallon a day.

Now I was on this meal plan for 10 days straight and would have 1 day on day 11 where I would allow myself to eat whatever I wanted so my body would know that I wasn’t going into some sort of “starvation mode”. And then I would start all over again. Now mind you, I’m human and made some bad choices in this diet where I would eat outside of the meal plan so yes I could probably be a lot farther along on my weight loss if I was better at sticking to it. But I am not letting that get me down, since I’ve come quite a long way in 2 1/2 months.

After Thanksgiving I will be starting Insanity, which I’m very excited for! I’m hoping this will really produce results! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I am hoping to be down another 10 pounds from where I end this meal plan phase.

I will update more on my progress by next week and see where I’m at! Thank you to those who have supported me through my journey and who follow this blog. It means the world to me!